I'm Lisa.

I work as a trained Medium, Spiritual and Energetic Healer, Reiki Teacher and Geomancer (Healer of the Earth).

🌞 Sun: Aries

🌝 Moon: Aquarius

🌅 Rising: Scorpio

I love food and cooking. As vegan, fair, regional and seasonal as possible. 🥘

I am not good at lying and have to be careful not to be too honest. 🙊

I love to dance. 💃✨

Preferably to a lot of bass outside in the sunshine.

I love bright colors and I like to paint everything I can get my hands on. 🎨

I currently live in Hamburg with my partner and two Mallorcan cats. 🐈🐈‍⬛


What do you do as a healer?

I connect with the divine energies of the Earth and the Cosmos and let them flow through my energy channel.


🙌🏼 I can let these healing energies flow to you through my hands, for example, it doesn't matter whether you are near me or not.


This works a little bit like knowing how a close friend or family member is doing when you think about them. I use the same principle (and have practiced it a bit. 🤓)


Thanks to my mediumship, I can receive messages from these energies or your body, your soul and transmit them directly.


💫 I still cannot predict how exactly these highly intelligent energies will work on you. They know very well what your body, your mind and your soul need.


At the universal level there are not many rules that I have to follow, except for the law of love, which includes the free will of every living being. 💟

My path to energy work »short version«

Even as a child, I traveled a lot between worlds. I've seen things and talked to beings that were invisible to most of my fellow human beings. But it would take a while before I found my way back to these skills or learned to use them consciously.


Born in 1989 and raised in a small town in Hesse, Germany, I moved to Hamburg in 2008 to earn my money in the advertising world as an art director.

As a teenager and young adult I had absolutely no clue about my gifts of clairvoyance,  clairaudience, high sensitivity or that my soul had chosen to act as a healer in this life.


Perhaps you are also highly sensitive and know how "demanding" life is when you perceive everything much more intensely, especially the feelings of other people or the energies of the place where you are.


I had unconsciously suffered for a long time from not knowing my abilities and had secretly struggled with deep self-doubt and depression, which I tried to alleviate and hide with a hard-drinking party life.


My unhealthy lifestyle and a nice collection of unhealed personal trauma caused my body to burn out at the age of 23. I began to listen to my soul again and tried different therapeutic approaches.


So in 2013 my path also led me to a healer. At that time I had no idea what she had done to me during this first treatment, I just knew that my condition had suddenly and noticeably improved for me.


I like to describe it as if I had perceived my life »in color« for the first time in a long time.


In the second session she told me that I am not »crazy«, but very psychic and highly sensitive and that she would like to train me. In 2014-15 I completed the basic training as a healer with her. This is based on the extended Usui Reiki system and the so-called »light degrees«.


This was followed by geomancy training in 2016 and numerous workshops and training courses over the years.

I am so grateful for all of my teachers and companions and with deep respect for all the pioneers who came before me.

In the meantime my own kind of energy work has developed. This combines different teachings and techniques, is always undogmatic, human, free.


I am in constant self-treatment and in lively exchange with valued colleagues in order to guarantee the high quality of my work and because it's really fun.

If you would like to get to know my work and myself better, you can book a free 30 minute call using the form below. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. 

Lots of love,