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Energetic and Spiritual Healing + Psychic Coaching

Everything is alive and you're a part of everything.

My work mostly intertwines three fields - Energy Work, Spiritual Healing, and Mediumship. Although they can be used separately, I love to combine them in a way that is fluid, and in a way that honors your soul the best.


What do you do as a healer?

My spiritual and energy healing work is very much a conversation, an exchange between energies. 


I connect to the benevolent Divine energies of the Earth, the Cosmos and ask them to join us, to support you during the session and beyond. 


I am merely the guide to these Divine energies, I do not own them. They help because they want to.


My sessions always begin with a little prayer of inviting all the benevolent energies in to support us during the session. This little ritual can also turn into a meditation for you. 


After I am done with this introduction I feel into your energy and start a conversation with it. I let it tell me what it needs. Sometimes it’s your Spirit who tells me, sometimes it’s your Body, sometimes it’s an Ancestor, sometimes it’s a mix of everything. 


I then let you know what messages I received and we will take it from there.


I am by your side guiding you, while we make our way through our findings. 


The healing work for you really is about you loving the parts of yourself who feel unloved. It’s about taking care of those parts and giving them what they need. It's about releasing pent up energies and finding new perspectives.


But whenever you struggle or want me do jump in to deal with something big, or anytime you’re just really beat and need someone to take care of you, I will do the work for you.


There are various techniques or exercises I can introduce you to, which you are free to use on your own time as well. 


It’s really important to me, that you learn your own power in this and that you can do this work anytime on your own. 


(Except that you’re never alone and you can always ask the loving energies around you for help, but you know what I mean. ;))

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Energy Work & Spiritual Healing

What’s that »energy« we’re talking about?

There are probably as many definitions for this as there are people on the planet. Ancient indigenous traditions and nature based religions around the globe believe in something called »animism«, which sort of translates to »everything is alive«. 


There is a Soul, a Spirit, a Divine spark, an Energy flowing through everyone and everything. 


Your Body has energy, your thoughts have energy, your emotions have energy. Your house and everything in it has an energy, your cats, your plants... 


Everything has energy and everything is energy.


Everything is connected with each other.

Everything is in a constant energy exchange. 


We as humans are natural born energy readers (and generators, sponges, senders..) There is nothing "supernatural" about it. Some are more sensitive or distinct than others, but we all have these abilities. 


Every Body has a different way of translating the energies they perceive into sensations, feelings, words or images. Most people do it without being aware of it.

What is »energy work« ?

Energy work can be anything which is used to alter the state of energy of usually a being, like yourself. Technically, eating a candy bar could be energy work, as it’s changing your current energetic state. 


Energy work is pretty universally known around the globe. 


Yes, there are many different practices like Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi gong, Yoga or various Shamanic practices, which are probably more well known, but there is no population who doesn’t have their own version of energy work.


The energy work I do works with or without touch. I am working with the more subtle energies of the Spirit world, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, which are all stored in your body.

What’s »spiritual healing« ?

Spiritual healing to me is a form of energy work which is incorporating not only the energies (Spirits) of the people who are in Session with each other but also benevolent Spirits / the energies of Mother Earth, Nature Beings, Spirit Guides, Ancestors etc. 

Client Feedback

It may sound like an exaggeration, but Lisa has enriched and changed my life in wonderful ways since she came into my life in 2019.

Through the treatments and initiations that I have done with her, she has managed to set healing processes in motion in me, which I did not know that they were necessary, and gave me a deep access to myself and my spirituality in an honest way.


It is impossible for me to convey what exactly happens in a treatment with Lisa - especially since it varies and is very individual every time - but with Lisa I feel incredibly well looked after, safe and secure at all times . Her loving, empathic manner supports me, but at no time does she urge me to do anything that doesn't feel good. It opens the space for feeling and feeling, space for your own heart and the inner world and so healing can take place.


Lisa is by my side on my spiritual path and I know that I can come to her at any time with questions or difficulties.

From the bottom of my heart I recommend a treatment or something similar with Lisa - regardless of whether you are spiritual or not. It's a real asset and sets wonderful things going.


Thank you for everything!

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Ways I can support you with my work...

Physical symptoms such as pain, exhaustion, nervousness ...

Life crises, search for meaning, reorientation

Conflicts, relationship problems

Self-discovery, personal development

Almost no concern is too big or too small. I would love to connect with you to see how I can help you.

{Disclaimer} - Spiritual and energetic healing serves to activate the self-healing powers and does not replace diagnoses by doctors or alternative practitioners.

Energy work can always be used to support existing forms of therapy.

Unfortunately, the costs for my work is not (yet) covered by health insurance.

Any questions? Ready to book?

Yay! Let's connect! Feel free to ask any questions you have about working with me, or if you have a special request or need a custom healing package. You can click here to send an email, orrrr if you're ready to dive right in then book a free 30 minute call!

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