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Soul Sessions

In  Soul Sessions  I will guide you into trusting your own perception. I will be by your side, supporting you, taking the wheel if you want me to - but first and foremost I will help you to uncover your own powers and show you how you can be your own healer.

As magical as it may seem, working with me is really about learning how to feel your own feelings again. It's about learning to listen to what your body and soul are trying to tell you.

It's about coming back home to yourself. Learning to develop a healthy relationship with yourself, your body, your loved ones, and all life around you.

Depending on who you are and what you have been through, this process can be a very personal and individual journey. You are safe here. 

I believe in miracles - and when we're working together, we have a whole team of Divine Earth energies, Divine Cosmic energies, spirit guides, ancestors, nature beings, and more supporting us. But even with a dream team, sorting through a lifetime's worth of trauma, patterns and beliefs will take time.

In fact, the process of remembering to listen and healing yourself is a life long process. There is no magic switch that will absolve you from doing the work needed to have a healthy relationship with yourself and life around you.

I would be so honored to be a part of your journey. I offer a variety of different energy healing techniques, which all can come into play when working with me. 

Check out my offers below and let's find what's right for you. I can't wait to meet you!


Soul Sessions

Spiritual & Energetic Healing,
Psychic Coaching

When you work with me, you're not working with only me, but with many generous, Divine energies who are here to support us. Every human has the ability to sense these energies. Your body is receiving, storing, transforming, and sending those energies at all times. 

During a session, I will let you know the messages I receive and I will show you how you can listen to them yourself. I will let the energies flow through my energetic channels and direct them to you. I cannot predict how these highly intelligent energies will affect you. Usually your Body and Soul know best and will guide us accordingly.

Two light skinned hands, reaching upwards, palms facing the camera. They're surrounded by shadows but hit by a rainbow colored ray of light.
A hand reaching up towards the sky, a few sunrays shine through in between the fingers, most of the sky is covered by tree branches.

Soul & Spirit Retrieval

When we go through traumatic events, we leave pieces of our Soul or Spirit behind. This is a survival mechanism. But over time, it can be helpful to retrieve these missing parts that are still stuck. Together we look for your missing pieces and give them what they need to find peace / return home to you.

Ancestral Healing

You carry the gifts of your Ancestors... and also what they went through. Intergenerational trauma is very real. If you look at what your grandparents and parents went through, imagine how they felt and try to compare it to how you're feeling. Any similarities? Luckily, there are processes to heal these wounds which aren't yours... and that process opens you up to accept your own gifts.

Close up of a tiny baby hand laying in a grown up's hand, holding on to the index finger of the grown up's hand.
A pale-skinned right hand and a dark-skinned left hand are interlocking their pinkies. The background is blurry, baby pink, baby violet and baby blue hues.

Relationship Clearing

You are in a relationship with everything and everyone. You hold certain beliefs, (re)act from past experiences, hold grudges, and so on. Whether you want to let go of someone or get closer, we can work on any relationship you like and remove any obstacles.

Shadow Work

If your consciousness is the light, anything which is beyond that or hidden lies in the shadows - hence the term "Shadow Work". We will dive deep into your subconscious to uncover wounds, beliefs, patterns, parts of your Spirit / Soul, and other things that might be causing you problems in the here and now.

A hand is touching a white wall with its' back, palm facing the camera. The index finger is slightly pointing upwards, the other fingers are rather relaxed. The hand and wall are hit by an angular shaped shadow.

What does a remote Soul Session look like?