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Earth Healing and Geomancy

One of the seven sacred sciences in the Middle Ages, Geomancy is research, change, use and experience of found reaction zones, with the aim of determining or creating good energy and locations.

Geomancy is born from the Greek word "Gē" (meaning earth/land), and "manteía" (meaning prophecy/divination).

Lisa Bengs is turning around towards the camera, they are wearing a white and rosé coloured dress. The location is a sandy beach with yellow flowers and a forest in the background. The whole image glows golden with the light of the sunset.

As a healer of the Earth, I can track down stressful energies and clear them up sustainably.

In this profound healing process, I mainly work with the Spirit and the energetic body of the planet.


You can imagine it something like this: The area of the Earth, which is limited by the floor plan of your apartment or your property, has seen a lot over the millennia. Previous residents and what they experienced in this place are only part of it. The Earth is also traversed by water veins and energy paths (meridians), these can also have been affected by events over time. 


If we find ourselves in a healthy place on Earth, we are refueled with strength. If the place where we are or live is weakened, then we (or plants and animals) end up supplying that place with our own energy.


Highly sensitive people, children, animals and plants often perceive these energies very strongly. But less sensitive people can also suffer from it without knowing it.

I would love to connect and share more of this and answer any questions you many have. You can do that here.


"If we find ourselves in a healthy place on Earth, we are refueled with strength."

Possible signs that geomantic house cleaning can be good for you and your home:

Physical symptoms such as tiredness, dizziness, nausea, headache, tension, sleep problems ...

Sometimes you feel that you are being watched even though you are alone in your home. 

There are corners and rooms in which you do not like to be, some of which you even avoid as much as possible.

Irritable mood among residents, frequent arguments (including children and animals)

»Bad luck« of a personal nature or recurring technical problems, accidents and damages.

Plants that do not really want to thrive can also indicate a geomantic disturbance.

The advantages of geomantic house cleaning at a glance:

An energizing living space contributes to your personal healing.

Children and animals in particular are very sensitive to subtle changes.

Businesses or production processes also benefit from energizing energy.

No devices needed or required. You are welcome to arrange furniture and redecorate, but it is also not required. 

Bonus: You can also make an important contribution to Earth's healing by letting the patch of Earth you inhabit be cleared from energetic wounds.

Client Feedback

Lisa is amazing at what she does.

I was curious about geomancy after Lisa told me about it. We live in a town that has a very significant colonizer history and it felt important to let the souls who were here protecting the property and the home know that we are here to care for the land and it’s safe to move on if that is what’s needed and that we want to be in partnership with those who choose to remain. Lisa also spent time exploring the imprints left by past homeowners in the spaces we live and how it’s been impacting our family.


Working to remove any stagnant energy, we could feel a shift in our family over the following weeks that was undeniable.


It was incredible how spot on Lisa was with what we know of past owners and who occupied this land long ago. Lisa also provided energy healings to each of us (I have a family of five - two adults, two children, and a dog) and we were all blown away at how accurate her understanding of each of us was when describing our personalities, each of our challenges, and how we *fit* in our family - what our roles are.


At every turn, we were in awe of her ability to tap into a deep knowing about us. There was one instance that if I hadn’t been sitting down, I would have fallen over!, and was at a loss for words - she said something that NO ONE aside from my immediate family could have known and it was another affirmation to know that what she is doing is REAL and while I don’t fully understand how it all works, I know that this experience created a shift and a ripple in our family and our healing.

I cannot recommend Lisa more highly - hire her NOW!

Taryn from Plymouth, MA

Pricing Options

⟡ small·ish ⟡

small·ish apartment

1-2 people

555 €

⟡ medium·ish ⟡

medium·ish family home & yard

3-4 people

888 €

⟡ large·ish ⟡

large·ish family home

4-6 people

1.222 €

Prices are discussed individually. Because of varying property and family sizes it is difficult to give an exact estimate. The prices above are just examples and rough estimates. There are payment plans available, and I can also create a custom plan tailored to your needs.

Personal treatments are highly recommended in addition to a geomantic house cleansing. Personal energies are very connected with the energies of the place, so the geomantic house cleansing will have an effect on a personal level. To optimally help everyone adjust to the new energies I only offer packages of geomancy and personal energy work. 

If you need other pricing options, please feel free to talk to me. Just get in touch with me using the form below for further info. ♥

Any questions? Ready to book?

Yay! Let's connect! Feel free to ask any questions you have about working with me, or if you have a special request or need a custom healing package. You can click here to send an email, orrrr if you're ready to dive right in then book a free 30 minute call!

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