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Remember who you are

Hey you. 

YOU are a walking miracle.


It's my job to remind you of that.


If you’re looking for a way back home to yourself - I would love to be your guide.

Psychic Coaching

By connecting to the Spirit World, I will answer most of your questions whether it's personal, business, or both. 

Apprenticeship & Reiki

Imagine becoming your own healer by strengthening your ability to use your very own healing powers and connection to the Spirit World. Reiki is one way for me to show you how.

Spiritual +

Energetic Healing

I can help you set yourself free: free from heaviness on your Spirit, ancestral trauma, binding patterns, belief systems, and other blockages.

Earth Healing
& Geomancy

We’re way more connected with our surroundings than we might realize. We're supplied with energy by our living environment and vice versa. I can help you heal the land you live on.


Healing is about coming home to yourself.

Lisa Bengs is sitting relaxed on the ground, forest behind her. A few sunrays are making her right side glow. Lisa is wearing a black top, blue denim and a long sleeved floral dress with purple and orange blossoms.

There is not only one right way.

You choose which way you want to go. 

I LOVE my work. We get to collaborate with the Divine Energies of the Earth and the Cosmos - how awesome is that?!


Empowering you by teaching you how to strengthen your relationship with yourself and everything around you is my JAM.


And get this... the ways that all of this can work for you are virtually unlimited. 

Client Feedback

It may sound like an exaggeration, but Lisa has enriched and changed my life in wonderful ways since she came into my life in 2019.

Through the treatments and initiations that I have done with her, she has managed to set healing processes in motion in me, which I did not know that they were necessary, and gave me a deep access to myself and my spirituality in an honest way.


It is impossible for me to convey what exactly happens in a treatment with Lisa - especially since it varies and is very individual every time - but with Lisa I feel incredibly well looked after, safe and secure at all times . Her loving, empathic manner supports me, but at no time does she urge me to do anything that doesn't feel good. It opens the space for feeling and feeling, space for your own heart and the inner world and so healing can take place.


Lisa is by my side on my spiritual path and I know that I can come to her at any time with questions or difficulties.

From the bottom of my heart I recommend a treatment or something similar with Lisa - regardless of whether you are spiritual or not. It's a real asset and sets wonderful things going.


Thank you for everything!

Nele from Hamburg

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