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Little Big Moon Magic

This takes place twice a month with every new moon and every full moon.


On the day of, you will receive an email with a channeled message, journal prompts or inspiration for the day. There will not be a zoom call or any other contact with the group. 


The energy will be sent to the group and the prompts/messages will be for anyone in the group, but you get to enjoy them on your own, individually.


I recommend taking at least 30 minutes uninterrupted time to relax and receive the energies.

Maybe sit down to journal. 


Or, if you're busy, just know that they will find you and integrate into your life as needed, without actively taking the time to feel into them.


If you would like to relax and actively receive, but can't make it live, you can receive the energies at your own time after they've been sent. Any time up until the day after should work just fine.


The healing energy is usually sent on the day of a new moon or full moon at 6:30 PM Berlin time. If it's on a weekend, it will be 11:30 AM Berlin time.


Contact me for a monthly subscription at a reduced rate. ♥

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