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Are you a part of Nature?

Hello there, beautiful Soul!

When is the last time you truly felt like a part of Nature?

Have you ever felt anything like this?

What does it do to you, when I say 'You're a part of Nature.' ?

Does it feel kind of "obvious"?

Do you feel all icky, because you think of "dirt and bugs"?

Does it feel a bit "out there" or "hippy woo woo"?

I know, it still feels a bit weird for me, too.

I LOVE the comfort of my home and the idea of staying outside 24/7 feels scary.

I love going on hikes, it's been ages since I went on a camping trip, but I have always enjoyed it, as an adventure, nothing for a longer term.

I'm always looking forwards to returning to a safe, warm, dry place.

But what if that still doesn't make us "separate from Nature"?

There are plenty of animal relatives who build nests and caves and keep them cosy and safe.

There are plenty of plant relatives who will only grow where they have perfect conditions, where they feel "cozy" or "at home".

Loving comfort or certain conditions isn't "unnatural" per sé.

Remembering you're a part of Nature heals you.

Some of you might know this already.

For some of you this might be news.

The separation of "us" from "Nature" is not "natural".

It is not a byproduct of evolution.

It's not inevitable if we want to evolve as a species.

The separation of "us" from "Nature" is a tool of domination used by supremacy culture and colonialism.

It's meant to place the rulers (white people) over anyone else (other people, lands, plants, animals) and give said (white) people power over anyone else.

How delusional do you need to be to see yourself as superior to humans who lived in harmony with their surroundings for millenia?

I believe, only when you see yourself as "better" or "separate from" you're really able to hurt another being.

Only when you see yourself as "superior", you're able to extract more than you need and damage ecosystems beyond repair, because "it's worth less than my life and it's only there to serve me".

Bring capitalism into the mix, where a being is only valued by how much money it can make you and the roots of our current climate crises become crystal clear.

Humans are not "a cancer" causing the climate crises.

The Earth wouldn't be "better off" without humans.

There are enough ways, indigenous peoples around the globe have been living in harmony with Earth and still do to this day.

The problems are white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism and a general sense of disconnection.

You can start where you are with what you have.

There are so many ways to re-establish your relationship with Nature.

I very strongly believe, that you can re-indigenise yourself, you can become indigenous to Earth again.

You can reconnect with your body, your community, the lands you live on.

You can re-learn to see plants, animals, rivers, lands as your family, just as alive and worthy as yourself.

You can un-learn everything oppressive systems have taught you.

You can heal from the damage that was done to you.

You can find forgiveness and peace.

You can re-assume your role as a part of Nature, steward of Earth.

What do you say, are you in?

It doesn't matter where you are on your journey back home to yourself, I would love to be your guide. I have been working hard to decolonize my practice and become a better relative to humans, plants, animals and lands alike. There are so many different ways to get started. You can't choose wrong. You can contact me here or read more about how to work with me here. Feel free to reach out, if you just want to talk, human to human. I would love to hear from you. Lots of love, Lisa ♥


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